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Set in one of the Ligurian Coast’s most beautiful coves, Lerici is full of the Golfo dei Poeti’s most beautiful beaches.
Along the Lerici’s seaside promenade is the resort "Lido di Lerici" and another, "Ciccillo a mare", is behind the castle.
Further there are free equipped beaches such as "Venere Azzurra" and the beach behind the castle.
From here you can reach, by ferry, Cinque Terre and Portovenere.
Just past the curve at the beginning of Fiascherino is one of nature’s marvels: "L'Eco del mare (The Sea’s Echo)", a resort with fee, the structure of which cleverly inserted without disturbing the harmonious balance of the pristine nature in the least.
Fiascherino’s most famous beach is a small bay, narrow and with rocky sand, and is located at the end of a long staircase and is almost completely free. Hotel Florida Lerici has an agreement with the "Colombo" and "Venere Azzurra" beaches.



During your staying in Lerici, you may enjoy daily trip by the sea, and visit the most amazing villages of the Ligurian Cost, such as: Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Portofino, Genoa Aquarium and Capraia Island.
Just a few kilometres in the hinterland is the Alpi Apuane with the incomparable landscape of Carrara precious Marble quarries.

Finally, you can not miss a visit in the capitals of art: Lucca, Pisa, Firenze.
If you don't want to go far away, we suggest a tour in La Spezia.



For sports enthusiasts, only 50m from the hotel: nine-holes course, 5 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools.
All open to guests of the Hotel Florida Lerici.
You may also enjoy an underwater visit to the Caletta archaeological park, situated between Lerici and Tellaro, where a sunken wreck of a 1st century ship lays.
For those who love mountains at any season, the Appennino Reggiano and Cerreto Laghi are just an hour's drive.
An amazing place for skiing in winter and going hiking or taking walks in summer.
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The festival commemorating "Saint ERASMO", the Patron of Lerici, in July:
the entire village is floodlighted, the statue of the Patron is brought to the mole and then, by the sea, to the stretch of water in front of the bay; the statue is then brought up to San Terenzo and back to Lerici, where Mass is celebrated and finally a pyrotechnic display takes place at the Castle.
Information: Town of Lerici tel. 0187/967134.
The Byron Cup: it is the swim across the La Spezia Gulf, the portion of sea between Lerici and Portovenere.
Saturday's market: Lerici promenade becomes full of inviting stalls for shopping.
Concerts and shows are organized by Astoria Theatre in Lerici.
The many sporting events include canoeing, polo and women water polo.
Lerici's water polo team is in First Division!
Evening entertainments: Versilia is just twenty minutes' drive, with its fashionable discotheques and nightspots open till…early morning!