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Sea, sport and culture

What to do in and around Lerici

Sea Special

Lerici has some of the most picturesque beaches in the Golfo dei Poeti: among the most famous and best-served are the 'Colombo' beach, which has an agreement with the hotel, and the 'Venere Azzurra': both boast beautiful views of the Gulf.
The nearby beaches of Fiascherino are also easy to reach, while the Cinque Terre and Portovenere can be visited by boat.


Staying in Lerici offers the possibility of day trips by sea to the most beautiful places on the Ligurian Riviera: Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Portofino and Genoa.

A few kilometres away, in the immediate hinterland, are the Apuan Alps with the incomparable, unique in the world landscape, offered by the quarries of the highly prized Carrara Marble.
Last but not least, also the cities of art par excellence are within reach: Lucca, Pisa, Florence. But if you prefer to stay closer, we recommend a visit to the city of La Spezia, where you can admire splendid Art Nouveau palaces and several museums.


Lerici's cultural life is expressed in the various shows and events that are often organized in the village. Frequent are, for example, the temporary exhibitions set up inside the Castle, while every summer the Lerici calendar is filled with musical and theatrical events.

Of course, interesting museums can also be visited in the area. We recommend the Museo Civico Amedeo Lia and the Naval Museum in La Spezia, as well as the National Museum and Archaeological Zone of Luni.


For those who like to practise sports even on holiday, just 50 metres from the hotel there is a 9-hole golf course, 5 tennis courts and 2 swimming pools. All facilities have an agreement with Hotel Florida Lerici.

Just an hour's drive from Lerici is the Appennino Reggiano and its renowned resort of Cerreto Laghi: an ideal gym for skiing in winter, a paradise surrounded by greenery for pleasant walks and hikes in summer.


Among the main events organized in Lerici is the Festival of Sant'Erasmo, in July. An event in honour of the patron saint that lasts three days and ends with the traditional fireworks.
Other recommended events are:
Byron Cup: a swimming crossing of the Gulf of La Spezia, from Lerici to Portovenere.
Saturday Market: Lerici's seafront is filled with stalls where you can shop.
Concerts and shows organized by the Astoria Theatre in Lerici.